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31. October 2023

›Watch Art‹ Grand Exhibition Tokyo 2023

Patek Philippe chose beautiful Japan for the sixth Grand Exhibition of its world tour. From June 10 to 25, 2023, the Geneva-based watch manufacturer showcased a wide range of its creations.

Watch experts immediately understand why Japan of all places. Because there is a high level of appreciation and understanding of the technical uniqueness and craftsmanship of a timepiece. Respect for tradition and family is highly valued in Japanese culture, which also makes special pieces interesting as heirlooms. An enormous selection of more than 500 watches and objets d’art were presented at the exhibition. Each piece speaks for itself and the great amount of time spent on its production by professional experts. the complete current Manufacture collection with its versatile range of watch families and watch models for men and women. Each individual piece tells its own story and experts from the manufactory explain not only the complications but also the considerable amount of time it takes to produce them.


To see all these different trades and disciplines of fine craftsmanship gathered together in one place is a true experience in itself. From miniature painting on enamel, cloisonné enamelling, wood micromarquetry to hand engraving and gem-setting, these almost extinct arts cultivated by Patek Phillipe are another exciting part of this showcase – represented by 40 unique pieces and numerous limited edition models whose decorations were even inspired by Japanese culture. They demonstrate the considerable artistic repertoire and ancestral expertise in the most enchanting objects we know.

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