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1. March 2021

The world timepieces from Patek Philippe

The watches for great desires

Talking to your best friend on the phone in New York. Listening to how your colleague in Tokyo is doing. Saying goodnight to the children at home. There are a thousand good reasons to wear world time on your wrist. Wanderlust and homesickness have always gone hand in hand. Jumping across continents – a dream of mankind. When the earth was divided into 24 time zones in 1884, travelling became easier and trains and ships were no longer missed. And the first scheduled flights were also able to take off – and land – according to a timetable.

Since then, the engineers and watchmakers at Patek Philippe have repeatedly outdone themselves with ingenious ideas to develop watches with multiple time zones that are as easy to read as they are to operate. The manufacture’s famous world time watch, which enjoys a legendary reputation among aviators and collectors, has been on the arm of every stylish globetrotter for more than 80 years.

It is one of the most popular complications among Patek Philippe wristwatches – and in its latest version – in the Calatrava case with the hand-guilloché centre dial – it is as classic as it is modern. Whether the Reference 5230 in white or rose gold, the Chronograph 5930 in white gold and fascinating blue, or the diamond-set ladies’ models in rose gold or in white gold with a refined grey-blue dial – each variant has its very own statement and adapts to the individual style of its wearer. The world time watch is the perfect timepiece right now, when we communicate so often and so much about continents – and travelling is once again one of our greatest desires.

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