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6. April 2021

Technical sophistication in the smallest of spaces

Erwin Sattler’s cable-operated regulators are smaller and more discreet than the well-known precision pendulum clocks. With its 70 cm case, the ‘Classica P 70 M’ is a ticking piece of jewellery that will adorn any living room. 

This decorative wall clock fulfils all the attributes of the finest precision instruments. Like everything made by Sattler, the Classica P 70 M is a high-precision piece of craftsmanship. The black polished lacquer case with the recessed Makassar cassette in the back panel is characterised by understated elegance and refined restraint. Solid metal inlays in the cornices correspond with modern interiors and reflect the craftsmanship and meticulousness of cabinet production made in Germany.

The anti-reflective mineral glass discs not only underline the demand for perfection and uncompromising quality, but also allow a reflection-free view of the movement, pendulum and weight. Each enamel dial, individually crafted using traditional methods, shines in pure white.

In this sense, however, the Classica P 70 M is only limited to displaying the time at first glance! The movement makes itself audible every hour on the hour, striking the gong built into the case once in a pleasantly unobtrusive manner.

The extremely useful 30-day power reserve complication is not visible. With design tricks such as finely toothed wheels, shafts with ball and jewel bearings, a rope pulley with ruby bearings and a winding weight made of tungsten, the Classica P 70 M joins the exclusive ranks of the month runners and represents a technical highlight in the smallest of spaces.

An Erwin Sattler cable regulator like this will continue to fascinate and delight generations with its consistent value.

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