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18. July 2022


Ten automatic wristwatches find their perfect, burglar-proof place behind a decorative glass door.

Each Erwin Sattler watch winder can be programmed and controlled with any WIFI-enabled terminal device. That way the optimum values for each individual watch can be taken from an integrated database and moved to the watch winder’s memory. The intelligent control system simulates the daily routine of a wristwatch wearer with a 16-hour active phase and an 8-hour rest phase. The rotations per day that are required for the function are ideally distributed over the active phase. Of course, the Rotalis 10 also works with standard factory programming, without specific data transmission via WIFI. At the end of a winding interval, all watches are positioned exactly vertically again with the ’12’ facing upwards and demonstrate to the observer: I am your most beautiful accessory and am ready to reliably accompany you on your wrist to all of your appointments. Mechanical wristwatches have long been much more than just timepieces. The fascination for complex technology in the smallest of spaces and the enthusiasm for a functional and attractive piece of jewelry with the highest aesthetic standards have made them coveted collector’s items. Due to the variety of interesting objects, enthusiastic collectors and wearers often own more than just a wristwatch with typically mechanical inner workings.

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This development, to wear one or even several wristwatches as jewelry, entered our society with the introduction of colorful plastic watches. The Swiss watch industry succeeded to make owning several watches that you can choose from the consumer’s focus. If those were mostly mechanical, the owner would quickly find themselves in the embarrassment of not being able to spontaneously switch between models, as the watch of choice usually would have stopped in the meantime.


One feature of the watch winder is that the watch in question is in constant motion. This means that the wheels in the bearings are permanently turning, which successfully eliminates the risk of ‘resinifying’. Of course, it has to be said that lubricants have improved continuously over the last few decades and this resinifying no longer represents the same source of danger that it used to. Under the name ‘Rotalis’, the Erwin Sattler manufactory offers watch winders in a wide variety of models, sizes and price ranges. Very important: all models are manufactured in Gräfelfing near Munich in accordance with the strict principles of unconditional quality in terms of technology and appearance under the premise ‘Made in Germany’. Two additional exciting details in relation to security in the private sector: The large Erwin Sattler objects with watch winders such as the Troja 20 or the Rotalis 24 can be opened using an individually programmed fingerprint scanner and can also connect to the in-house alarm system!

Ein Effekt des Uhrenbewegers ist, dass die besagte Armbanduhr permanent bewegt wird. Somit drehen sich die Räder in den Lagerungen stetig, womit die Gefahr des ›Verharzens‹ erfolgreich gebannt wird. Selbstverständlich muss man hier sagen, dass die Schmierstoffe sich über die letzten Jahrzehnte permanent verbessert haben und dieses Verharzen nicht mehr die gleiche Gefahrenquelle wie früher darstellt. Unter dem Namen ›Rotalis‹ bietet die Manufaktur Erwin Sattler Uhrenbeweger in den verschiedensten Varianten, Größen und auch Preisklassen an. Ganz wichtig: Alle Modelle werden nach den strengen Prinzipien der bedingungslosen Qualität in Bezug auf Technik und Optik unter der Prämisse made in Germany in Gräfelfing bei München gefertigt. Noch zwei spannende Details am Rande in Bezug auf die Sicherheit im Privatbereich. Die großen Erwin Sattler-Objekte mit Uhrenbewegern wie die Troja 20 oder auch der Rotalis 24 werden mittels individuell programmiertem Fingerabdruckscanner geöffnet und können zusätzlich an die hauseigne Alarmanlage angeschlossen werden!


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