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14. March 2024


Sofia Lynggaard Normann presents her first two collections for the Danish family business. The maritime pieces perfectly manage to transport us into a foreign world.

An anemone sways lazily in the water, a school of fish in every color of the rainbow swims past it. Many meters above is the watersurface. From there, the light refracts in gentle rays and illuminates the green-blue water. It is quite dim, but that does not make it less colorful. Only five percent of the total volume of the oceans has been explored so far. It is therefore not surprising that we are so fascinated by these almost immeasurable depths. For some, they may even seem like another world. Could there be even more unexplored miracles, far from the destructive hand of man? Animals and plants, previously unknown, perhaps even mermaids or the lost city of Atlantis? The five percent that are known to us already offer a cornucopia of complex shapes in the most dazzling colors.

This immeasurable and inscrutable quality may also be a reason why maritime fashion is always en vogue. This look manages to appear playful and timeless at once like no other. Many designers have already been inspired by the deep blue water worlds – including Sofia Lynggaard Normann. Charlotte Lynggaard’s eldest daughter is presenting her first two jewelry collections this spring. That makes her the third generation to carry on the family business’s tradition. Sofia’s lines bear the mysterious names ›The Young Fish‹ and ›Under the Sea‹. The pieces are crafted in precious yellow gold, and some are adorned with colorful gemstones. Many depict sea creatures – sometimes in amorphous shapes – or imitate gently flowing waves. Those are pieces that invite us to indulge in dreams of this other world. One that seems so close and yet so far away.


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