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23. May 2024

A symbolic blossom

Charlotte Lynggaard’s lifelong romance with gemstones in rare shades finds its poetic expression in the Lotus Collection.

Inspired by the divine flowers that radiate femininity, purity and natural grace, these exquisite pieces have been designed to be worn individually or in a bouquet of contrasting tones. The lotus rings are layerable, and the earrings are interchangeable to create a versatile expression. The rings come in five different sizes, from the delicate Lotus 0 to the large Lotus 4.


It is impossible to imagine Asian mythology without the lotus. Beautiful and tasty, it has become a central symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. Similar to our native water lilies, the lotus thrives in stagnant water and the petals, which range in color from white to violet to magenta, repel moisture and dirt. In science, this is even referred to as the lotus effect. Accordingly, the lotus symbolizes purity and fidelity in love, but also enlightenment and wisdom. Siddhartha Gautama in particular is regularly depicted sitting on an open lotus flower or a lotus throne. The fact that the flower grows in muddy ground and yet unfolds these immaculate calyxes above the water symbolizes hope and resilience. In particular, however, the flower stands for rebirth. Every evening after sunset, it closes and when the sun rises in the morning, it opens again to reveal its immaculate petals. A wonderful symbolic power that Charlotte Lynggaard consciously and congenially modeled on nature in her design.

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