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15. April 2024


For sustainable consumption, it is essential to invest in high-quality items that you can use for a long time and therefore don’t have to keep buying new ones. Frederique Constant’s meticulously crafted watches are the perfect investment here. Proper care is crucial for longevity.

Please note the following for everyday use:

  • Avoid heavy impacts to protect the case and mechanism
  • Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (below 0 °C or above 60 °C) or frequent temperature fluctuations
  • Keep your watch away from electromagnetic sources, such as loudspeakers, as these could damage the mechanism
  • Clean your timepiece by using a small toothbrush and soapy water for the metal straps and the waterproof case. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry everything with a soft cloth
  • As a precaution, you should not change the date between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., as there is a high risk of the mechanism breaking at this time
  • We recommend that you have your watch serviced by an official Frederique Constant specialist retailer every four years. Here, qualified watchmakers will check the water resistance and general condition.


To prevent moisture from penetrating the mechanism, you should observe the following:

  • Return simple crowns to the neutral position after changing the time
  • Screw down the screw-down crowns after adjusting the time
  • Do not operate the chronograph push-buttons in water
  • Do not operate the crown of a Frederique Constant smartwatch in water


If there are any problems with your watch, you can take advantage of Frederique Constant’s excellent customer service. Even after the two-year warranty has expired, this service is available to you for a small fee.

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