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29. June 2023

The moon at its best

Desk, mantelpiece and console clocks have been an integral part of sophisticated and, above all, tasteful interiors for centuries. Even today, an elegant table clock from Erwin Sattler stylishly rounds off the effect of any room and impresses with the most precise technology on this traditional market.

Over the course of the epochs, the external design was based on the aesthetic sensibilities of the time and the intended use, with either decorative or functional aspects dominating. In the Renaissance, table clocks were characterized by numerous calendar and other astronomical indications in addition to the hands for hours and minutes. Cosmopolitan art lovers used them to impressively demonstrate their interest in the progress of science. Today, Erwin Sattler continues this long tradition: exquisite craftsmanship and technical innovation, paired with contemporary design – always with the manufactory’s usual high-quality standards.


And they are simply irresistibly beautiful! The Lunaris model is particularly appealing with its modern and timeless design. The lower half of the anodized aluminium dial with hand-blued steel hands features a cut-out for the lovingly hand-painted moon phase display. The timepiece itself is dedicated – as the name suggests – to our nearest celestial body and shows its various phases in a fascinating way.


The Lunaris is also an acoustic delight: in a so-called passage chime, the full hour is announced with a simple strike on a bell. For convenient operation of this exquisite watch, the winding mechanism, hand and moon phase settings as well as the 8-day regulator are hidden on the back. The frameless case takes the fascinating appearance of this table clock to the extreme; it almost seems as if the free-standing cogwheels between the dial and the back wall are doing their continuous work. This creates an unrivaled balance between appearance and construction. A real gem from the house of Erwin Sattler!

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