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20. February 2023


Just as small but just as important for an outfit as the dot on the “i” are the right cufflinks. With Patek Philippe accessories, the accessory is not just a piece of jewellery, but also an eye-catcher!


No outfit is complete without the right accessories. The statement pieces you choose add even more flair to an already fashion-conscious person and show courage in detailing and rounding off a look. An accessory is the perfect way to express who you are and to embellish and personalise your outfit every day – and can therefore be described as far more than utilitarian these days.


Made from 18-karat white gold, the cufflinks from Patek Philippe embody everything a perfect accessory should be. They are simple and special at the same time and therefore go with almost any style of clothing without losing their real eye-catching character. The material is multi-layered and changeable in its calm appearance, yet skilfully catches the eye with its enormous radiance without imposing itself on the observer. At the same time, the piece of jewellery scores with its delicate design, which picks up on Patek’s typical Calatrava cross and thus remains true to the brand’s signature look. This common thread in the design and the colour neutrality allow you to combine the cufflinks with all Patek Philippe watches – and add a little glamour and opulence to your style. Both functional and extravagant, these cufflinks will reliably round off your look.


For those who – instead of a versatile model – are looking for a piece that fits like a glove with exactly one style, we also have numerous other cufflinks from various Patek collections. The cufflinks in the Ellipse collection, for example, which are also made from 18-karat white gold, each include a radiant blue sunburst dial and are thus faithfully and stringently dedicated to the corresponding watch model.

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