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1. January 2023


Diamond jewellery is an enchanting investment that was created for eternity and conveys the message of everlasting love. Fine handcrafted jewellery set with numerous sparkling diamonds will remain a treasure forever. These exclusive pieces of jewellery have been lovingly handcrafted in Ole Lynggaard’s workshops by experienced goldsmiths.

When you think of a breathtaking piece of jewellery or the symbol of love, the engagement ring, your search often focuses on the design. However, in addition to an incomparable design, the quality of the stones plays an outstanding role in the purchase and value of diamond jewellery.  The diamond has something mystical about it, it is the hardest material on earth, its sparkle is unrivalled and has moved people for many generations. It is the symbol of eternal love and created for infinity.


The exclusive pieces of jewellery are lovingly handcrafted in Ole Lynggaard’s workshops by experienced goldsmiths. The craftsmanship and the special design also impress the Danish royal family. That is why Ole Lynggaard has been an official supplier to the court for many years. Charlotte Lynggaard has even created a world-famous tiara for Crown Princess Mary.


Another piece of jewellery is the ear pendant by Ole Lynggaard: it is made of yellow gold and set with numerous gemstones. A coral, a topaz, a turquoise, a pearl and 15 diamonds turn the pendant into a precious piece of jewellery with a playful design. Worn with a matching Shooting Stars ear stud or a simple diamond ear stud, this pendant is a dream.
For more than half a century, the Danish family brand Ole Lynggaard has been synonymous with unusual jewellery that is meticulously handcrafted. Each piece of jewellery is crafted by a goldsmith with great dedication and precision. Treat yourself to something special and create your moment of happiness with this unique ear pendant! Please note: The coloured stones in this piece of jewellery are natural products and are individually cut by hand. That is why each stone is unique. The colour of the stone may differ from the colour in this photo depending on the incidence of light and the type of light.


Sparkle into 2023 and discover an exquisite selection of fine jewellery set with brilliant-cut diamonds!

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