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29. June 2023

60 Years of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN I – Funky Stars

It’s hard to believe that the family tradition in the LYNGGAARD jewelry dynasty has already lasted 60 years. The fresh designs from the Danish family never cease to surprise us. They are feminine, often floral creations that are usually so Scandinavian and understated that they can also be worn casually: cheerful, elegant and inimitable. Accordingly, we at Oberleitner do not want to hold back with our eulogies and congratulate the entire team of the Danish manufacturer for six decades of continuity in the finesse of these exquisite creations.

In the 60th anniversary year of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, the manufactory is rightly celebrating and we are amazed to see this new cosmic collection, designed by Charlotte Lynggaard herself. The ‘Funky Stars Collection’ is a whole series of star-shaped earrings made of diamonds. SPARKLING DIAMOND WONDERS 

These ‘sparkling diamond wonders’ are already quite unusual for the brand, but for this anniversary they are allowed to glitter more glamorously. It goes without saying that the ‘Funky Stars’ are also an expression of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. The Funky Stars ear studs and accompanying pendants are perfect for a whole range of looks from playful to exclusive. Discover the craftsmanship of this diamond heaven designed by Charlotte Lynggaard with us!


The Funky Stars consist of layers of brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18 carat gold, creating a multidimensional structure of extraordinary fire. Carefully selected diamonds ranging in size from 0.5 to 3 mm in diameter have been arranged in a diamond pavé setting to create the astonishingly sharp features of the star. These characteristically sparkling star points are also home to the smallest diamonds ever used in the brand’s designs. Like all brilliant-cut diamonds, even the smallest are shaped with 57 facets, which requires exceptional craftsmanship and, above all, an extremely refined cutting technique. 

The new Funky Diamonds in the OLE LYNGGAARD assortment are like members of a wide-ranging family. They can be worn in combination with other pieces from the rich collection. Choose a stud earring and complete your look with an eye-catching pendant or a previously purchased piece. With endless possible combinations, there will always be a match!

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