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12. February 2023

Frosty Elengance

The last winter frost adorns the surroundings, cold and elegant – just like the delicate pieces of jewellery from Ole Lynggaard’s Winter Frost collection. The floral design of the ring unfolds its effect in golden yellow or silver and entwines itself elegantly around the delicate fingers of cool hands.


A total of 63 diamonds are set into the ring from the Winter Frost collection by Ole Lynggaard. These lend it an incredible brilliance that gives the impression that the filigree piece of jewellery is covered in a delicate layer of hoarfrost, just like nature in winter. Frost makes cold elegant – and this elegance flows light-footedly into the winter collection.


The ring is made from gleaming polished gold or silver. While the silver emphasises the cool character, the warm gold tone breaks up the icy appearance of the diamonds. It seems as if it heralds the imminent arrival of a warmer spring beneath the layer of hoar frost, which is able to melt away the last of the winter chill. A piece of jewellery that adapts to the quiet but lively moods of nature throughout the seasons and perfectly rounds off the look in the coming spring.


Like all of the stylish Dane’s creations, this ring is also made in the workshops in Hellerup near Copenhagen. What makes it even more special is that it is made exclusively by hand, making it a unique piece of jewellery that stands out from any private collection.


The floral stud earrings are also part of the Winter Frost collection and enchant with their elegant play of light. Like the frost of a cold winter morning reflecting the first rays of sunshine, the ear studs sparkle in the incoming light. A total of 46 diamonds unfold an incredible brilliance. The studs are shaped like delicate leaves covered in ice crystals, each forming a branched twig with playfully sparkling diamonds.


Sweeten the last frost with the special pieces of jewellery from this cool and elegant collection!

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