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13. März 2023

Elliptic Harmony

A case whose elliptical shape skillfully balances between a circle and a rectangle. A dial in ebony black on which the golden hands and hour markers seem to float on. When Patek Philippe introduced the Golden Ellipse in 1968, the iconic brand boldly turned away from traditional watch shapes. The new model was nevertheless enthusiastically received, as it exuded an almost paralysing harmony that captivated people beyond fleeting fashion trends.


The centerpiece of this masterpiece is undoubtedly the dial. Not only does it command attention with its deep ebony black color, creating an overwhelming contrast with the applied gold indexes, but the sunburst finish also contributes to the delicate hands circling almost weightlessly around a dizzying abyss. The seemingly necessary balance is reflected in the dramatic harmony emanating from the unusual shape of the 18-carat gold dial This is because it follows a very special rule: the “golden ratio”, which was discovered by mathematicians in ancient Greece.  Some of the greatest buildings and works of art in history were created on the basis of this “divine proportion”, expressed as a ratio of 1:1.6181. The design of the new rose gold Grande Taille version is completed with the typical crown adorned with an onyx cabochon.

The elegant and timeless form of the piece is further complemented by a hand-stitched, glossy black alligator strap with square scales, suggesting a luxurious vintage look. A legendary watch with a history that gracefully returns in a in a sophisticated new look and enjoys the same popularity as before – that’s how watches should be!

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