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20. August 2021

Hypnotizing Snakes

Ambivalent characteristics are attributed to the snake in fairy tales and legends.

Ambivalent characteristics are attributed to the snake in fairy tales and legends. However, the positive symbolic power of the snake still predominates, as it wraps itself around the staff of Asclepius for example and thus serves as a symbol of the art of healing. This image originates from Greek mythology, in which the snake was considered sacred. The snake is also revered as a lucky charm in northern Europe, mainly in the Baltic states. And in Asia it is respected for its wisdom and sagacity.  The snake is also considered a companion of all female deities. In this context, it symbolizes the feminine qualities of the mysterious, enigmatic and intuitive.

The golden snakes from Ole Lyngaard, for example, gently wrap around fingers, snake along earlobes or nestle around the wrist. Whether set with diamonds or guarding a gemstone, each piece of the ›Snakes Collection‹ is a seductive companion that flatters every type of woman. The jewellery pieces underline the strength and power of femininity. This makes them must-have pieces for today’s modern woman.

Each model was designed, modelled and shaped by designer and brand founder Ole Lynggaard and stands for the highest level of craftsmanship and design. The artful pieces are masterfully crafted from 18-karat yellow gold and the surface of each golden snake is hand-finished to a perfect snakeskin texture.

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