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19. November 2021

Charming elephants

Since his youth, Ole Lynggaard has been fascinated by large mammals and has dedicated his own product range to them. Discover the latest element!

Luck, strength and intelligence are just some of the attributes symbolized by elephants. In many cultures, the gentle pachyderms are revered for their wisdom. In Thailand, they are regarded as messengers of Buddha and white elephants in particular are considered sacred. In Africa and large parts of Asia, they are also revered for their great strength, just as people in our part of the world refer to them as ›strong as bears‹. Master goldsmith Ole Lynggaard also fell under the spell of these mystical animals on a trip to Africa. The ›Elephant collection‹ was created as a tribute. Handcrafted from yellow or white gold, optionally set with diamonds, the latest collection is bursting with variety.

The pendant, made of 18-carat yellow gold and set with 536 diamonds, is remarkable. The green tourmaline at the tip of the trunk makes it the eye-catcher and centerpiece of this collection. The new ›Elephant Brooch‹ is less extravagant, but no less beautiful. This captivates with its classic, simple design in 18-carat yellow gold and a diamond and looks just as elegant on a white blouse as it does on a shift dress. However, the idea behind the latest brooch is unique: 10% of the proceeds go to the charitable organization ›Charity Water‹.

Clean drinking water is vital and should be available to everyone in the world in unlimited quantities. Unfortunately, this is not the case, with an estimated 10% of the population suffering from acute water shortages. Women and young girls in particular suffer from this, as providing the family with water is an exclusively female responsibility in many African villages. The nearest water point is often several hours away and the journey there is not only arduous, but dangerous. Charity Water supplies these families with fresh drinking water, which not only creates a hygienic basis and thus reduces the risk of infection, but also gives young girls the chance of an independent future.

With the new pieces in the Elephant Collection and the key rings ›The Hippopotamus‹ and ›The Elephant‹ in sterling silver, Ole Lynggaard has once again created masterful goldsmithing and actively supports people in need with the proceeds. We at Juwelier Oberleitner also find this very decent.

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