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30. November 2023

A role model for sustainability

All Erwin Sattler products are handmade, long-lasting collector’s items that are manufactured with the utmost precision and meticulousness and passed down from generation to generation. As such, they are extremely sustainable by tradition, and the company is increasingly and even more conscientiously tackling the major issue of sustainability.  In this way, the Erwin Sattler manufactory from Gräfelfing near Munich is setting an example against the widespread consumer behavior that focuses on cheap and short-lived mass products.

Sattler avoids international, global trade with its long supply chains thanks to the high level of in-house production depth, thus saving considerably on CO2 emissions and not being complicit in the often inhumane working conditions abroad. The production of these fabulous precision pendulum clocks also avoids environmentally harmful substances such as the heavy metals contained in the batteries of many clocks. Erwin Sattler’s suppliers are exclusively local and responsible companies with whom he has long-standing and friendly relationships.


At Sattler, sustainability is consistently thought through to the end and in an exemplary manner in cycles and extends to consciously environmentally friendly and reusable packaging materials. Even these shipping boxes are taken back. All lacquers used on the particularly fine watch cases are food-safe. The marketing department has also stopped sending out paper brochures, which significantly reduces paper consumption, and the company is switching from print to online advertising, which it hopes will not only increase its reach but also open up new target groups. Of course, the preservation of this amazing company must not be neglected, even with this focus on sustainability! We at Juwelier Oberleitner certainly hope that Erwin Sattler can continue to offer watch lovers its exceptional quality made in Germany for a long time to come with such exemplary measures.

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