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29. May 2024

the most beautiful watch faces

Fans and watch aficionados eagerly awaited the new showcase of Patek Philippe’s rare craftsmanship. The time had come in April. The new ‘Rare Handcrafts 2024’ collection was on display in the historic building on Rue du Rhône. A total of 82 new timepieces that combine technical skill with seemingly limitless creativity.

The new ‘Rare Handcrafts 2024’ collection once again demonstrates the unrivaled standards that the last family-owned watch brand in Geneva sets for haute horlogerie and for itself: Craftsmanship techniques that are practically museum pieces are kept alive by Patek Philippe for its exquisite products. These include working techniques such as miniature painting or hand guilloché, which have actually been known since antiquity and the Rococo period. Of course, the claim does not end with the exact transmission of these crafts, otherwise it would be experimental archaeology – the virtues of the craftsmen of old are constantly being surpassed and further developed into new techniques such as micro-wood marquetry and Longwy enamel on faience. There are some amazing things to admire.

The variety of motifs on the dials of this collection also demonstrates a tremendous amount of creativity, which is fed by the most diverse sources of inspiration.

In addition to table clocks and pocket watches, a number of extraordinarily precious wristwatches from Patek Philippe were also on display in the Rue du Rhône. We at Juwelier Oberleitner are particularly impressed by the elaborate dial designs with strikingly cheerful colors, the most artistic cuts or the fascinating play of skeletonization.

The dial is known to be the face of every watch. It practically looks back. The watch face shapes the character of every timepiece and, at its best, emphasizes the personality of its owner. And every time you look at your wrist, you run the risk of being whisked away into another world by the enchanting face of a Patek Philippe. It is often a truly unique look that one acquires with these radically limited, rare pieces of craftsmanship. Personality is the indivisible, so why buy something that exists several times when you can afford to own a true original? 

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